WSQ Certificate in Retail

Duration: 108 hrs / 14 Days

90% SME & Mid Career / 95% WTS Funding 

Absentee Payroll 

A 10-module foundational and intensive certificate program that arms you with the necessary competencies to kick start your career success in any retail settings

Service Leadership
After Sales Service
Inventory Control
Visual Merchandising Presentation
Product Demonstration 
Store Security Policy
Product Advisory
Workplace Communication
Service Innovation
Supplier Performance 

English / Chinese Delivery

A highly relevant advanced certificate program for any professional who wants to be a competency supervisor or manager in the retail floor. 

People and Relationship Management
Service Planning and Implementation
Marketing Campaign Management
Visual Merchandising Presentation
Inventory Control
Service Leadership
Store Security Policy
Store Facilities and Housekeeping
Coach for Service Performance


English / Chinese Delivery

WSQ Advanced Certificate in Retail

Duration: 176 hrs / 22 Days

90% SME & Mid Career / 95% WTS Funding

Absentee Payroll

Professional Development for ECCE

Popular professional development workshops for teachers and staffs 

• Work in a Team
• Project a Positive and Professional Image (with Make Up Session)
• Respond to Service Challenges with Parents
• Communication & Relate Effectively (with Children)
• Apply Emotional Competency to Manage Self
• Work Safely @ Childcare Centre • Housekeeping in Childcare
• Innovation and Creative Thinking
• “I am an Effective Teacher” – Develop Personal Effectiveness

90% SME & Mid Career / 95% WTS Funding

English and Chinese Delivery 

Workplace Competent Supervisory Skills (WCSS)

Duration: 10 days

Key Coverage:

Team Leading and Facilitation
Team Communication and Engagement
Team Problem Solving with Design Thinking
Team Coaching
Team Process Improvement

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WSQ Certificate in Service Excellence

WSQ Advanced Certificate in Service Excellence

WSQ Advanced Certificate in Team Leadership

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